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Welcome Address

On behalf of the Agency for Science Technology and Research Singapore (A*STAR) institutes, Genome Institute of Singapore GIS), Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), the International Society for Systems Biology (ISSB) welcomes you to participate in the 16th International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB 2015). This year, the event has been postponed to November 23-26, 2015 at the new location, Biopolis (Matrix Building), Singapore.

Singapore has a strong emphasis on Systems Biology as an integration science of biology, computer science, life science technology, engineering and big data analyses, that spans leading areas of biomedical research, healthcare and drug discovery, agriculture, energy and environment. We are therefore delighted that Singapore has stepped up to continue the unbroken sixteen years of ICSB history by offering to host ICSB this year.

In a very short span of time, Singapore has assembled a team of able volunteers who will help us organize ICSB with associated tutorials, workshops and visits to top research labs in the vibrant Life Science research scene here, which many of us may look forward to. As a unique platform for systems-biology-related scientists to share their theories, and more importantly, to form alliances for further researches and applications, ICSB this year promises to be as exciting as in previous years.

Singapore, as the destination of many international congresses, conferences, meetings and top class events such as the Formula 1 night grand prix, is full of exciting surprises for the visitor, from shopping paradise to tropical jungle walks, its bustling economy, multi-racial culture, efficient transport, booming industry, high finance and efficient business infrastructure promises something for every one to combine work with play. As a bustling international metropolis which embraces a number of must-go attractions, must-eat cuisines, and must-meet people, Singapore is well connected by airlines internationally and with its well-developed transportation and underground subway network; you can conveniently travel to the city from key international cities, land at its frequently top-rated airport and be in your hotel within half an hour from landing at the airport. Its connectivity to the South-East Asian region also means that in a couple of hours from the airport, you can be in another country in the region, snorkelling in the pristine waters of Sipadan, or trekking in the virgin forests of Borneo, or more shopping in Bangkok. Thus the ICSB 2015 would also be a stimulating opportunity for you to explore throughout Asia.

As the organiser of ICSB 2015, we sincerely invite all of you to join us in Singapore this November for what will definitely become a memorable conference.

See you at ICSB 2015 in Singapore!

Prof. Hiroaki Kitano
Steering Chair, ICSB 2015 Organizing Committee